Mistress Lucy - Mindful Domination

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About me Submission. Discipline. Bondage. Masochism. Even in print they have a strange gravity. And while the world may try to bury these names in stereotypes and judgments, you have glimpsed something more. In them and the actions they represent you understand there is passage through that inner door of yours, into a space where you are your truest self. A journey of self-discovery, re-discovery and truth- you will find that every physical sensation has a mental and spiritual reverberation: blindfolds grant sight, ropes bestow freedom, and no satisfaction is as deep as total denial. But this is not a journey you can make on your own, you will need a partner. Someone who resonates with you, someone who can lead you through the labyrinth of your fears and fascinations. You must be willing to trust this person no masks here, no armor, no hiding and they must be worthy of that trust. This is a crucial choice that should not be taken lightly. Welcome to my world. *Respectful and well thought-out emails will get a reply 10+ years of experience Novice + Couples Specialist Private Fully Equipped play space Psychological domination / TPE Submissive training Role Play Sissy Play Chastity Bondage Humiliation Foot Worship
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