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About me I am a certified tantra practitioner, teacher, and creator of Harmony Tantra. The stress melts away and youre naturally more joyful in your life. Harmony Tantra is a series of sessions that not only allows you to receive this amazing healing with long lasting benefits, it gifts you a myriad of techniques and tools that you can take with you into your everyday living, both personally and professionally. We use key elements of tantra such as guided breathwork, light touch, and guided meditation to move out the stress and stuck energy and restore the natural strength and inner calm to improve the overall functioning of the body, resulting in rejuvenation of your entire being, physical, emotional, mental & spiritual. This is a sophisticated, unique form of massage that incorporates the use of energy and is not comparable to any other forms of massage. As you move through the Harmony Tantra program, your sessions advance, as does your confidence, well-being, and overall zest for life. Sessions available in person and online!
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